Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Sometimes people make a comment a gesture without any thought thinking that it wont affect you in any sort of way,if only that was always true it annoying and sad that something that someone says can affect you so much that you cant think of anything else. Its annoying when you cant speak about it as its such a taboo subject .and thinking what you do you know its pathetic you know you shouldn't but oh you just cant help yourself thinking of all the if's buts and maybe's. 
Why you still entertain these thought is beyond you .... but alas there is nothing you can do 
So you feel sorry for yourself for a day or so then you dust your self down and forget about it what other choice do you 
have ? There is nothing you can do you have no contact and thats the best way so listen to a song that cheers you up and
concentrate on what you do have 

oooh what am i supposed to do
when i'm hooked so on you?
then i realise
that you're somebody else's guy

that day in september
i'm sure you can remember
that's when all this stuff hit the fan (that stuff - hit the fan)
you told me a lie
and you didn't have an alibi
but baby yet i still cared

ok maybe thats not the best song but for once music says exactly what you feel 

other songs that describe your life ?

I remember way back, way back when
I said I never wanna see your face again
'Cause you were loving, yes you're loving somebody else
And I knew, oh yes, I knew I couldn't control myself

And now they bring you back into my life again
And so I put on a face just like your friends
But I think you know, oh yes, you know what's going on
'Cause the feelings in me, oh yes, in me are burning strong

But I will never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own
Love G x 

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