Monday, 13 February 2012

A Girl should be two things Classy and Fabulous
- Coco Chanel
A night out for my friends birthday in a local night club really made me realize that girls feel that they are in constant competition with each other. 
We don't trust each other we don't particularly like other girls that aren't in our friendship group and even between friendship groups there is always a weaker link always jealousy over something someone has or maybe even who someone has girls will never be happy with what they have maybe its deep within our nature maybe its from when eve took that forbidden bite out of the apple. 
When a random girl shows you an act of kindness you think its strange even if its taking a picture of you in a club you wonder what their ulterior motive is. I think we need to realize that we are all on the same team how can we expect men to treat us nicely if we don't even treat each other nicely. 
We need to stop judging each other , girls should not start fights with other girls and see all other girls as the enemies i am one of the lucky ones i have the best set of friends that i could ask, but like every other girl i am sure i don't always play nice so from this day on its time to be nice to other girls we need to stop being jealous and malicious and start being classy and fabulous just like Coco would have wanted and who are we to argue with such a classy and fabulous lady?

Love G xx

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