Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Nothing to wear !!

So ...  Im going to kanaloa on saturday night for a well needed girly night out :) - allthough i know i have one every weekend this is a special occasion its a send off for my friend. We are all super excited !
However i have one very big problem - nothing to wear :( and there is not anything in the shops either gahhhhhhhhhhhh panic stations this awful weather is making me dread trawling the west end so may pop into lakeside instead and see what they have to offer.
There are a few possibilities i have seen on the internet and i wish that i had a movie stars buget not sure what all my friends are wearing either. Herve aqua and Allsaints are being muttered however in true Essex Fur coat no knickers style im sure all my girls will look just like movie stars .... x

Love G x 

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  1. Sorry i forgot to say where the dresses are from
    1) H&M £34.99
    2) H&M £24.99 availble in cream also
    3) Monsoon Fusion Hydrus Dress - £80.00